Getting Here: The Travel Options

Are you planning on coming to see us?

Whichever way you look at it, Torpoint is a long way down south…

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in the South West, we’re well aware that making the trip all the way down to see us here in Torpoint can be a bit of a trek for those living in other areas of England, as well as visitors from overseas. But have no fear! If you’re looking to book a holiday in Cornwall or you’re planning on making Torpoint a destination on you travelling ‘Bucket List’ then you’ll need to know how to get here!

We’ve put together a handy list compiling all of the different ways that you can get to us here at Torpoint, so you’ve got no excuse not to visit us:

By coach

Coaches have got a lot more civilised than they used to be. Where once you’d be at the mercy of the coach driver to let you off to visit the loo, there are now half decent toilets on board! Seats aboard the National Express coaches have also been upgraded, offering more leg room and more cushioning. Add a fairly stable Wi-Fi network for you to connect to, as well as a very affordable price and its a wonder this service isn’t more in demand.

Take a coach from pretty much anywhere in the country to Plymouth, then jump on one of many frequent services to Torpoint.

By car

Although fuel prices might be the highest they’ve ever been, if you’re travelling with a family then jumping in the car and hitting the motorway will probably be your most affordable option of getting down to us. The M5 will only take you as far as Exeter, but the Devon Expressway will be able to take you down to Plymouth (provided you’re not travelling during peak holiday season).

Once you’ve got down to Plymouth you can head down to the ferry to take you over the River Tamar to Torpoint.

By train

For most, taking the train is fast becoming a form of transport that is simply not practical. Prices for tickets have been steadily increasing for the last decade without any discernible improvement in service – but there are a few exceptions. If you’re travelling from London (and don’t mind paying an extra fee) you can take advantage of the one or two-bed births aboard the Night Riviera Sleeper. Sleep the journey away in comfort and wake up in Plymouth to start your trip early!

Plymouth is connected with the rest of the country by rail, book ahead and make the most of Railcards and other discounts to save money.

By plane

It might seem a little unconventional but flying can often offer better value than most other forms of public transport – especially if you’re travelling from the North. Save money on your trip and cut down on travel time by booking some airport parking, driving to the airport, parking up and flying to Newquay, which is just an hour’s drive away from Torpoint.

Say you were travelling from Manchester, you could drive a quick forty minutes to John Lennon (making sure that you book your Liverpool airport parking first, that is) and then take a direct flight to Newquay shaving hours from your journey.

Always make sure to check a variety of flight operators and hire companies before making your final purchase.